Experience Watchmaking & Jewelry Repair


Ultrasonic Waterless Watch Cleaning Solution – Ammoniated

An ammoniated cleaner designed for cleaning watch parts.


Non-ammoniated Ultrasonic Waterless Watch Cleaning Solution

A non-ammoniated cleaner to be used where ammonia fumes are unacceptable.


Clock Cleaning Solution – Non-Ammoniated

A non-ammoniated cleaner especially developed to meet the heavier load demands of cleaning clock movements.


Extra-Fine Watch Cleaning Solution

Formulated for mechanical watch cleaning machines where a more efficient cleaning material is needed.


Clock Cleaning Solution, Concentrate

A water based ammoniated cleaner that is diluted 1 part to 7 parts water. It is especially useful for the removal of salts from clocks exposed to sea air.


Watch Rinsing Solution

Petroleum based rinsing solution developed to remove the cleaning solutions and residue from items cleaned.


Ultrasonic Watch Rinsing Solution

A Petroleum based rinsing solution that contains additional solvents to make it dry faster than the Watch Rinse.



A one step rinse/lube to be used as the last rinse in mechanical/ultrasonic watch machines.


Clock Lube Ultrasonic

A combination of rinse and lubricant for ultrasonic lubrication of clock movements.


Duo Lube Watch Lubricant

A two step rinsing and lubricating solution for use in the last two jars of a mechanical or ultrasonic watch cleaning machine.


Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate – Ammoniated

Water based ammoniated cleaner for ultrasonic cleaning of jewelry, watch cases, bands, etc.


Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate – Non-Ammoniated

A water based cleaner for ultrasonic jewelry cleaning, to be used where ammonia fumes are unacceptable.