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Watch Donation For Watchmakers Education

Want to help the independent watchmaker industry and others who are trying to learn a new trade?  Now you can help people learn the watchmaking trade and how to repair their watches by donating your watch.

We have created a win win situation where people who are not using an old watch or have a broken timepiece can help others while we provide valuable training and demonstration of watchmaking while resting assured that your gift will go to a good cause. We provide the costs of shipping, package, and postage and provide easy instructions on how to donate your unused, unwanted, or just a gift for those wanting to learn watchmaking.

We have also teamed with the Veterans Watchmaker Initiative to provide watches (wrist watches, pocket watches, and other timepieces).  The Veterans Watchmaker Initiative is a non-profit organization created to provide watchmaker training for disabled American veterans. The training center will be the only technical school in the US dedicated specifically to honorably discharged veterans, with a concentration on disabled veterans.


Donate a watch


We accept any watch and any condition. Your watch will either be used by the watch school or used in the instructional guides and videos that we create to help people learn watch repair.

Before the watches are sent to the trade school, (depending on the watch) we may either make minor repairs here at, or send the needed parts along (at no charge) so that the student will have the parts to make the repair.


Recycle your watch support for education and submit your timepiece today; Fill out this form to receive a postage paid envelope to recycle your watch and help others learn watch repair.


About Veterans Watchmaker Initiative

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Veterans Watchmakers Initiative