Milus, a watch brand that has been around for a century, began in Switzerland in 1919 and made its way through the years with pieces like the Snow Star and Archimedes, a 1970’s diving watch. Since 2003, the brand has been owned by Chinese investors who didn’t seem to know how to handle the brand. The Chinese tried to raise the brand into the luxury market and set prices several times higher, along with cultural incompatibility between the Swiss management and the Chinese, brands like Corum and Eterna have also failed.

Luc Tissot, the last living member of the Tissot watchmaking brand, brought the brand back to Switzerland and has hopes of reviving the 100 year old Milus with modern tools at his disposal. Using e-commerce will help Milus reach more consumers without the large cost of brick and mortar locations around the world. “Milus is a kind of 100-year-old start-up” says Tissot, but one that easily beats the new to market start-ups because of its 100 years of history, recognizable image, and that the elegant timepieces will be affordably priced.


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