Given a tour of Seiko’s Australia production facilities will show you just how great Seiko is at making watches from the inexpensive mass produced watch to the high end masterpieces. Seiko is a pioneer of Quartz technology with the Magic Lever, Spring Drive, Astron and the Grand Seiko and is always striving for the highest precision and perfection. One way of achieving greater precision is by ageing the quartz crystals. Seiko ages the crystals for 90 days and then measures the performance daily to get to an accuracy of +/- 10 seconds per year.

Seiko’s diving watch, the “Grandfather Tuna”, has proven to be one of the best in its category and had the national data to back that up by comparing it to three other leading brands. Seiko beat them all as being strong enough to stand up to the pressure of diving to 300 meters. Seiko has also developed new technology over and over but one is the Spring Drive system that really stands out. The spring drive has quartz like accuracy with the lifespan of an automatic and make for really smooth glide of the hands rotating around the dial. Seiko is not done reaching for their goal of perfection but will keep on innovating for many years.

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