From time to time we bring our readers some useful information that will help them gain knowledge and understand the history that connects the modern valuables to its importance in the past. That is why today we will be sharing a Peal Buying Guide from the International Gem Society.


The article aims at cutting through the confusion without overwhelming the readers with needless information. To give provide an overview of the article to our readers, here is an outline. The article begins discussing the major properties of pearl valuation. They are, Color and Style, Pearl Size, Pearl Shape, Luster and last but not the least, its origin (Natural vs. Cultured).

Due to the ever-increasing demand (as well as prices) and supply shortage of Natural Pearls, you are most likely to go buy a Cultured Pearl. Cultured Pearls are less expensive but look similar.

Each of the aspects mentioned above is discussed in detail, yet in an easy to understand manner at this link.





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