Diamond Punk is not a usual gem-set watch as it challenges the traditional Haute Joaillerie watchmaking practices. But being non-conventional does not mean it has forsaken centuries old Haute Horlogerie practices; in fact, the skilled designers and watchmakers at Audemars Piguet have made the most of this tradition passed down to them. The Diamond Punk has 7,848 snow-set diamonds encrusted on its cuff bracelet laid out in a ‘rhythmical pattern’ of pyramids.


Blog #E112


This masterpiece pretends to be a gorgeous bracelet with all its geometric glory –till a secret sliding is moved to reveal its beautiful dial, which is studded with another 300 diamonds. At Audemars Piguet’s manufacturing facility, watchmakers, designers, jewelers and gem-setters work together which allows them to offer unequalled creativity of their artistic expression. The watchmakers and designers have taken the utmost care in making this watch and that is why, perhaps, this beautiful diamond encrusted timepiece is the most beautiful gift for your love.



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