Almost every large watchmaker has modernized. Sometimes, to the point of fusing smartwatch features with the traditional watches. But their modernization is not pointless, per se, as it is necessary to ramp up production to keep up with the growing demand. But we’re writing this post to acknowledge a very small number of watchmakers, who are carrying forward the rich traditions of watchmaking in our ultra-modern world.

Located in a rural backdrop, in a quiet workshop of Kari Voutilainen, an independent watchmaker, where time does not rush. He is one the few independent watchmakers making around 50 watches a year. Where a simple watch can take 12-14 months to make and a complicated watch can take as much as five years to complete. Every watch component, be it from the tiniest to the most complicated, are made in-house. These watches are specially made for the collectors, that marvel the beauty of human craftsmanship, as only to them the watch bears value for the money they spend buying it.




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