Learn to produce Fine jewelry using materials and instruction provided by Tiffany & Co. to meet company expectations following prescribed training guidelines. Set stones as required. Must comply with all Tiffany & Co. policies and procedures.

watch repair

Work safely at all times by consistently following safe work procedures for jewelers, as well as all safety procedures required at your worksite. Promote safety by making suggestions for improvement and promptly reporting all incidents and safety issues to your team leader.

Participate in Tiffany & Co. jeweler training program learning to create and/or repair precious jewelry using precious metals with and without simulated gem stones, while learning Tiffany and Company quality and production standards. Ability to transition skills to precious stones

Work in a team environment maintaining a positive and respectful work place. Comply with Tiffany & Company policies and procedures while maintaining professional conduct at all times. Participate and carry out all assigned tasks and any other team requirements.


Required Qualifications/Primary Job Requirements:
Command of the English – Written and Spoken
Appropriate hand dexterity as indicated by bench assessment
Ability to follow directions
Ability to sit for long hours




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