At Esslinger, we usually don’t bring you sports news, but today is different – well, not completely; it is still news about watches. It may sound odd at first, but a baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, used an Apple Watch to cheat illicitly. The Yankees shot a video of this ingenious trick and an official inquiry is underway. But, let’s see how they pulled this one off.


The members in the video room decoded which of the catcher’s finger gestures called for which kind of pitch. This information was then relayed to the member in the dugout who was wearing an apple watch. Now, why an Apple Watch and not any other smartphone? Probably, because it isn’t allowed. Now, this decoded information was hand signaled to the player on the second base, who in turn subtly suggested it to the batter. While this only worked when there was a player at the second base, but this happened 24 times in that match and this pre-knowledge gives an immense advantage to the batter. The Boston Red Sox are currently at the top.




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