Platinum is one of the rarest and most durable precious metals. It is resistant to tarnishing and discoloration caused by chlorine and other chemicals. These factors, along with its strength and white luster, have made platinum an increasingly popular choice for jewelry, either on its own or as the setting for diamonds and other precious gemstones. However, platinum jewelry still needs to be properly cared for like any other type of metal.


    1. Platinum jewelry can be cleaned the same way you can other fine jewelry. Your jeweler can recommend a prepackaged jewelry cleaner that works with platinum, or ask your jeweler to professionally clean your platinum pieces. (A professional cleaning every six months will keep your platinum jewelry in great shape.)
    2. Store your platinum jewelry separately and with care, not allowing pieces to touch each other because even platinum can be scratched.
    3. Signs of wear such as scratches can eventually appear on platinum. However, due to the metal’s durability there is usually little metal loss from the scratch. If visible scratches do appear, your jeweler should be able to polish the piece, erasing the damage.
    4. If your platinum is set with diamonds or other precious stones, be especially careful as these materials can be more susceptible to damage. Some fine jewelry pieces combine platinum with karat gold jewelry. Care for these pieces as you would your gold jewelry or consult your jeweler.