Trade fairs where the standard for watch shows in days past but now consumer watch fairs have taken the lead. This year Watch Time New York, an event for watch collectors and enthusiasts, sold more tickets than last year and had more exhibiting brands. This two day event is shorter than other trade fairs that can last for a week, but gives independent watch brands the perfect opportunity to get their name out there. Smaller watch companies can find it hard for consumers to find them, and this open, easy access, casual event creates the best experience for people to come into their booth and touch and see the watches. Watch fairs like the WTNY are great because even the executives were there to greet enthusiasts and chat with the people that know watches the best – the people who love them and use them every day.

These more intimate watch shows are great for business because there are no appointments schedule, everything is open, the staff members are there to talk to attendees. There were some celebrities at this years fair, such as Aldis Hodge (from City on A Hill) a self taught watchmaker, Jeremy L. Carver (Empire), Lawrence Gillard Jr (The Wire, The Deuce), Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Costeau; Emmanuel Breguet even made an appearance. All this helped bring more to the show that had something for everyone.


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