If you’ve inherited your grandmother’s costume that has plastic and plated jewelry, don’t disregard it as cheap. It could turn out to be quite valuable and a desirable piece of jewelry. It is a common mistake to sell away those valuable costumes for mere pennies. Now don’t get us wrong, the jewelry itself is fake and doesn’t contain any precious stones or metals. But, its value lies in its well-crafted design and material choices.

costume jewelry

Perhaps the most popular name in costume jewelry is of a firm from the early to late 1900s called Miriam Haskell. The firm gathered widespread appreciations for its quality, matching jewelry pieces that included matching necklaces, brooches and earrings, and its gold filigree, stone designs and use of delicate seed pearls. Jewelry from this company is still in demand and can get you a small fortune if you own it. So, make sure you double check that costume before giving it away.





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