Recently, a court in Denmark defended an artist’s right to not have his work sold and then cut up to be used as decorative dials for a line of luxury watches. Watch brand Kanske, bought the painting “Paris Chic” for $90,000 and planned to cut it up and use it for the design of up to 200-300 watches selling at $1,500 each.

The artist of the painting caught wind of the plans and took the two owners of the watch brand to court to stop the “disrespectful attempt to make money and get attention by making a product out of my art.” The watchmakers argued that since they would be destroying the painting it was not in violation of copyright laws in Denmark. The court ultimately ruled in favor of Tal R (the artist), saying that the design was an alteration, not destruction, and that is misused Tal R’s artistic standing for commercial gain and would damage his reputation. It is important to remember to respect the work of other artists, designers, and makers of any discipline and seek some kind of collaboration rather than using without consent. 


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