No other gemstone lights the imagination and captures the heart more so than the diamond. Born of fire deep within the earth, diamond has for centuries been the world’s most treasured natural element. Representing wealth, status, romance and love, the diamond is truly a precious thing.


Selecting the right diamond is no easy task. Even though extremely rare, there are thousands of diamonds to choose from – in every shape, color, quality and price range. So how do you make the right decision? It’s simple – do a little homework and find a professional jeweler that you can trust. Here, you’ll find a selection of articles to help you find the perfect diamond for you and your loved one.



Conflict Diamond Information

Diamonds can bring real benefits to people around the world where diamonds are sourced. However, they have also been used to fund conflict in places like Africa. Learn about the Kimberley Process and how it is eliminating the conflict diamond trade.


Diamond Conversion Chart

When it comes to measuring round diamonds, you can’t always weigh the stone, or even know the original exact carat weight. You can use this chart to take the millimeter measurement of a round diamond and convert it into an average carat weight.


Diamond Quality

Determining the qualities of a beautiful diamond is largely left to personal preference. To account for these uncertainties, the GIA created a four part scale for grading diamonds objectively based on each stone’s carat weight, clarity, color, and cut.


Diamond Shape Guide

Diamonds come in many different shapes and sizes, and each different type of cut gives a diamond a different look and a different kind of fire. Use this explanatory chart to help you figure out which diamond shape is the best fit for your personality.


Diamond Weight Estimation Chart

For gemologists, appraisers, and other jewelry professionals it is important to know how to estimate the carat weight of various diamond shapes and sizes to appraising and replacement values. Use this handy chart for the equations for weight estimation.


GIA Diamond Color Grading Chart

Are you curious about how a diamond’s color is graded or determined? Have you ever wondered what all those letters, numbers, & terms really mean? With this chart, you get an inside look how gemologists classify a diamond’s color from colorless to fancy.


How to Spot a Fake Diamond

How do you know if your rock is real? There are many synthetic stones that can pass for diamonds long enough to fool an unsuspecting buyer: CZ (cubic zirconium), white sapphire & moissanite for example. Use this article to become an informed diamond buyer.