A company in Switzerland, Initium, will let you come to Geneva (or Gerbertingen or Le Noirmont – their other locations) to assemble a watch of your very own under the instruction of a true watchmaker. With three different class levels and prices you can spend as little as three hours to assemble a watch movement or a whole day making an automatic movement watch that you get to keep. Initium has a rotating roster of watchmakers that teach classes up to people.

The four hour class starts with a slide show of the history of timekeeping and an explanation of the parts that go into a watch and then you are able to use professional tools to build your own watch. You can select all the components of the watch, from the metal and style of the case, dial, hands, movement and the strap – “there can be a million different combinations,” according to Tamara Aziz, the manager of the Geneva work space. At the end of the class you walk away with a better appreciation of watchmaking and what goes into making a watch and you get to keep the watch you assembled.


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