You were gifted your grandfather’s old watch that comes with a history; it’s exciting! But that seemingly innocent watch might just be worth a lot of money in the now booming vintage watch market. If you’re not sure what you have on your hands, start with Google and search out any key information given from the watch. Narrow down the search results with when you think the watch was acquired and you have a jumping off point for more research. Check out some online retailers of vintage watches to get a ballpark estimate of its value; sites like and watchrecon are great resources.


Check the condition of the watches and look for any servicing records, you might want to invest in getting the watch serviced before taking it to a professional watch specialist at a reputable auction house like Christie’s or Sotheby’s. If you suspect your watch may be worth a few thousand or more, these guys will give a straight answer and then you’ll have all the information to decide if you want to keep the watch for your collection of part ways and cash in.


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