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Posted by Esslinger Staff

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Gold Karat Information Chart     
Karat GoldParts GoldPercentage GoldDecimal Part GoldNormal European StampingNormal American Stamping
9 kt9 in 2437.50%0.375375-
10 kt10 in 2441.67%0.416741610k, 10KP
12 kt12 in 2450%0.5500-
14 kt14 in 2458.33%0.5833582 or 58514k, 14KP
18 kt18 in 2475%0.7575018k, 18KP
22 kt22 in 2491.67%0.9167917-
24 kt24 in 2599.99%0.9583999 or .9999924k