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Posted by Esslinger Staff

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1 Troy Ounce=31.10333 Grams
1 Troy Ounce=4809 Grains
1 Troy Ounce=20 Pennyweights (dwts)
12 Troy Ounce=1 Pound Troy
14.5833 Troy Ounces=1 Pound Avoirdupois
0.9114 Troy Ounces=1 Ounce Avoirdupois
32.15 Troy Ounces=1 Kilogram
1 Gram=5.3 Karats (Roman)
1 Gram=15.432 Grains
1 Gram=0.643 Pennyweights (dwts)
1.5552 Grams=1 Pennyweight (dwts)
1000 Grams=1 Kilogram
28.3495 Grams=1 Ounce Avoirdupois
24 Grains=1 Pennyweight (dwts)
5760 Grains=1 Pound Troy
15432 Grains=1 Kilogram
437.5 Grains=1 Ounce Avoirdupois
7000 Grains=1 Pound Avoirdupois
1 Grain=0.0648 grams
240 Pennyweights (dwts)=1 Pound Troy
643.01 Pennyweights (dwts)=1 Kilogram
18.2291 Pennyweights (dwts)=1 Ounce Avoirdupois
291.666 Pennyweights (dwts)=1 Pound Avoirdupois
1 Kilogram=2.68 Pounds Troy
1 Kilogram=35.2740 Ounces Avoirdupois
1 Kilogram=2.2046 Pounds Avoirdupois