Watchmakers are getting harder to find by the day and the cost of getting your watch repaired is also going up. Moreover, fewer watchmakers means that your watch will have to idly wait for months before its turn to get repaired; a repair which might take a day or even lesser time. There is also a possible threat that your timepiece is installed with non-oem watch parts which will diminish its collector value of the piece. So, what can you do to save your precious watch and money? Well, learn to repair it, of course.
DIY watch repair
Before you go and open your luxury watch, remember that watch parts are tiny and delicate; misplacing or damaging any part will cost a fortune. So, it is a good idea to begin experimenting on a regular watch. You’ll also need to have the right watchmaker’s tools to perform even the most basic tasks like opening a case back, and once you have the tools, you’ll need practice – lots of it.

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