If you’re aware of Patek Philippe watches, you’ve probably heard their slogan: “You never really own a Patek Phillipe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” Ever since their inception in 1839, Patek Philippe watches are known for their superb quality and craftsmanship and their ability to be heirloom pieces that are handed down through generations. They are not the only watchmaker striving for the same longevity. 

MB&F, founded in 2005 by Maximilian Büsser, is already planning ahead for when the time comes that Büsser won’t be at the helm. He plans to make his company future proof and if it doesn’t make it in the end he has instructions set in place to release the calibre diagrams for free access for anyone to be able to service his watches. A good watchmaker should do what it takes to ensure that their timepieces keep working for the long haul, and then some.


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