The slowdown in the watch industry that has been prevailing since 2014 has made watches more affordable; not necessarily through a reduction in price though. You might be offered more complications and an overall better package for the same price, whereas, few would offer you a watch without the complications, which were poorly thought anyway, for a better price tag. Watchmakers are sticking to the bare minimum for success and cutting off on unnecessary and expensive complications.


Tourbograph Perpetual Pour le Merite which is a flagship of its 12-year-old predecessor and is a better value in every way than its predecessor. The new Tourbograph costs around 480,000 which closely matches its predecessor; an impossibility in better times. Another remarkable instance of a value for money is the Zenith Defy El Primero 21 – the most affordable chronograph (S$16,000) which costs less than half its closest competitor. Watch lovers should capitalize on the falling prices and add a few beloved watches to their collections.





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