James Stables, co-founder of the leading smartwatches website Wareable wrote a well-rounded advice on How to Create The Perfect Smartwatch in a guest post on the Huffington Post. In the blog post, James starts off advising the watchmakers to think long term. Swiss watchmakers should focus on iterating upon their design philosophies for improvement instead of cramming in and putting together every piece of what might be the latest tech of the time.


The Swiss watchmakers must also collaborate on every small aspect of watchmaking. For example, a watchmaker should not try and build their own OS. His advice to the watchmakers is to do the one thing that they excel at doing and that is – making beautiful watches. Whether it is a high-end Tag Heuer or a low-end Tommy Hilfiger, both are way more desirable than whatever Huawei or LG has to offer.

If the Swiss Watchmakers want to avoid getting mowed down by the Smartwatches, they must make watches that are beautiful and leave the tech is left best to the companies like Google.




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