Researchers at the North Carolina State University (NCSU) have come up with a truly amazing material. By combining gallium and indium, they have successfully formed a new kind of alloy. This alloy, which exists in liquid state at room temperature has a high surface tension. This allows it to retain a spherical shape when put to rest on a surface.

Make Jewelry with Liquid Metal
However, on applying a small voltage after plopping it in water, the surface tension reduces dramatically and the spherical blob spreads on the surface. Once the voltage was removed, the surface tension returned normal and the blob regained its shape.
We believe this presents a great opportunity for the jewelers. This alloy’s shape-shifting quality can be used to make some really artsy jewelry that is different every single time. By adopting modern jewelry tools and jewelry supply, endless patterns and designs can be forged that amazes its wearer and admirers every time.


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