Master Bench Jeweler – Off-Site Team

Join our talented team of bench jewelers from anywhere in the USA! After years of receiving messages from talented jewelers from across the country who wished they could apply for our open positions but were unable to relocate, we finally have an answer. We are hiring a team of off-site jewelers to work for us from home!

Our off-site staff of jewelers will be required to attend a one-week training intensive in our Andover, MA facility. After the successful completion of training, you will begin working from YOUR home studio!

This role is flexible! You set your schedule and will be paid based on the amount of work you complete. You even get to keep the gold scrap!

watch repair

Your responsibilities:

•Must be able to execute all products in our line. Our full product line can be found at
•Must have the ability to bring a raw casting through to the final perfect product, ready to deliver to our clients. This process includes cast cleaning, sizing, stone setting, polishing, and quality checks.
•Ring sizing: exact “spot-on” sizing up and down of our delicate 1.2mm ring bands
•Polishing: carefully executing a bright mirror finish without reducing the metal or prong material on our delicate pieces
•Post assembly that is centered and straight
•Stone setting: prong-set round and fancy cuts, and a lot of small melee prong setting. All stones must be tight, straight, and without any shifting whatsoever.
•Ability to be extremely critical of your work and able to perform self-quality checks.
•Excellent written communication skills are required for this role. You must be able to communicate with our in-house team regarding quality, questions, and anything that needs further attention on every work order.
•A willingness to learn the Melanie Casey way of doing things so that we can achieve consistent results across all of our jewelers.
•Access to a laser welder is a plus, but not a requirement.
•This role will not be required to cast, hand-fabricate from sheet, or design. This role will exclusively make finished jewelry from a casting.
•The candidate should be an exacting quality-focused jeweler who has mastered working in gold and advanced stone setting. This person should be capable of learning how to produce our entire product line during the one-week training period.

The Details:

•This is an independent contractor position. Benefits will not be offered.
•Pay is based on a piece-rate, plus a monthly stipend.
•We work exclusively in 14k gold. As part of compensation, this team member will be able to keep and refine all scrap gold.
•Our off-site jewelers will be required to purchase and maintain their own bench and tools. Tools and materials costs will not be refunded. The contractor is responsible for purchasing their own bench equipment such as solder, flux, gas, and any flex-shaft tools including polishing and sanding mandrels. We will supply the castings, findings, gold wire for resizing, and all diamonds and gemstones.
•Shipping costs to and from the off-site jeweler will be at the expense of Melanie Casey jewelry.
•Our off-site jewelers must be located in the USA.
•This role will require a commitment that is equivalent to a full-time job. Our contractor does have a manager and is treated as part of our team. This is not a part-time commitment that can be accomplished on weekends.

Requirements to Apply:

•Must have professional experience working in fine jewelry.
•Degree or completed certificate in metalsmithing is required.
•Candidates must be located in the USA, with access to a computer and dependable WiFi.
•Must have a bench with a flex shaft and torch in your studio.
•Self-driven and organized.
•Able to meet deadlines.
•Must have a long-term commitment to this position.
•Background checks and reference calls will be completed prior to acceptance for this position.
•We do require candidates to pass a bench test to demonstrate proficiency in the listed required skills. This will be conducted through the mail.

Due to the limitations of training off-site staff, all applicants must be able to work independently and without oversight. If you are looking for a more robust opportunity with lots of training in things like stone setting, please apply to our full-time Bench Jeweler role in our Massachusetts-based manufacturing facility!

To apply, we prefer direct email to: with your name and “Off-Site Master Jeweler” in the subject line.
When applying, include the following:
1. Resume
2. Portfolio: This must include photos or links to recent work you personally executed and an explanation of what work you did for each example. (If photos are not provided, we will not consider your application.)
3. Cover Letter: Tell us about your work experience, skillset, and why you would make a great member of our off-site jeweler team!



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