We’re Hiring: Bench jeweler with our off-site team
A part-time, work from home opportunity.

Work from home part-time! Join our talented team of bench jewelers from anywhere in the USA! After years of receiving messages from talented jewelers from across the country who wished they could apply for our open positions but were unable to relocate, we finally have an answer. We are hiring a team of jewelers who will work from home!
Our off-site staff of jewelers will be required to attend a two-week training intensive. This training will be held in our North Andover, MA-based manufacturing facility under the guidance of our lead jeweler. You will master our careful system of cast cleaning and polishing raw castings over this two week period, and then you will begin working from YOUR home studio! This training intensive is an unmatched opportunity for you to learn from a master jeweler and refine your skills.

This role is flexible! We can send you as much or as little work as you’d like in a given week. You set your hours and the amount of work you can complete by the next deadline.
Your responsibilities:

•Cast clean and polish product, as trained.
•Maintain consistent quality in your work.
•Submit completed work by or ahead of set deadlines.
•Effectively communicate scheduling changes with advanced notice.

The details:

•Thorough training will be provided during a two week training intensive in North Andover, Massachusetts. Any costs associated with attending this training will be at the expense of the employee.
•This is an independent contractor position. Benefits will not be offered.
•Our off-site jewelers will be required to purchase and maintain their own bench and tools if they do not already have them. Tools and materials costs will not be refunded.

Requirements to apply:

•Must have at least 4 years of professional experience working with fine jewelry.
•Degree or completed certificate in metalsmithing is required.
•Candidates must be located in the USA, with access to a computer.
•Must have a bench with a flex shaft in your home-based studio. A torch will not be a requirement.
•Self-driven and organized.
•Able to meet deadlines.
•Must have a long-term commitment to this position.
•Background checks and reference calls will be completed prior to acceptance for this position.

We perform all stone setting, sizing, and assembly in-house. Due to the limitations of training off-site staff, there will not be an opportunity for additional responsibilities and training beyond those listed above. If you are looking for a more robust opportunity with lots of training and stone setting, please apply to our full-time Bench Jeweler role in our Massachusetts-based manufacturing facility!

To apply, please submit an updated resume and cover letter to jobs@melaniecasey.com. Please include photos of jewelry you have made and a description of how you executed each piece.

To find out more about Melanie Casey, visit us at: www.melaniecasey.com. Find us on Instagram at @melaniecaseyjewelry, and see our jewelers at work at @makersofmelaniecasey



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