Moyer Fine Jewelers

watch repair

• Take excellent care of the client
• Maintain a winning attitude at all times
• Represent the company’s image, reputation, and philosophy at all times, to the best of your ability
• Follow and uphold the company’s policies and handbook on a consistent basis
• Perform the outlined responsibilities of Master Jeweler effectively
• Check and create estimates for client repairs
• Check all incoming repair jobs for necessary information and completeness
• Estimate the cost/retail of requested work as necessary. Ensure pre-approved price matches retail / labor / hours to be invested.
• If price on repair job is not at least ‘key,’ communicate directly with Robert Violante
• If an item entering the shop for a repair needs additional work, this should be communicated to the sales associate and/or Robert Violante before the work is done
• Concerns about clients jewelry as it pertains to the repair process or the stability of the item after the repair, should be communicated with the sales associate and/or Robert Violante before any work is completed
• All work should be completed in a timely and ethical manner
• All jobs should be turned in to the “finished” repair box at least one day before the due date on the repair envelope
• If a job cannot be done or you do not know how to complete a job, you must get one of the other jewelers in the shop to also sign off that it cannot be done, before presenting it back to the sales associate
• Ensure work is completed effectively and with excellent quality and craftsmanship
• Achieve – on average – 5.5 hours of ‘billable’ labor every day you work
• Work with associates who need a rush for an immediate surprise or engagement proposal
• Appropriately quality check all work before submitting the item to the “finished” basket
• QC standards are “would I be happy with the quality of this work if this were my item?”
• Create, fabricate, and design jewelry as needed, within your range of capability

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:

Bench Jeweler: 5 years

Required education:

High school or equivalent




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