We are open to full-time or part-time, however this will be an in-person position in a workshop space in Los Angeles

SUMMARY: This position makes repairs or adjustments to jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, and
bracelets. Some tasks that a goldsmith will do are engraving, setting, casting, and finishing jewelry.
Also, the jewelry may be fitted so that it can better suit a customer.

watch repair

Core duties and responsibilities include the following:
1. They often restore old or damaged jewelry, adjust already-created jewelry for size or
customize it to a patron’s liking.
2. They might also personalize jewelry through engraving metals or resetting gems.
3. Bench jewelers also create original pieces from a designer’s specifications or a customer’s
4. Capable of producing quality jewelry repairs in a timely manner.
5. Stone setting techniques, ring sizing’s, chain repair, re-tipping and rebuilding of prongs, etc.
6. Proficient in inspecting gemstones, polishing and plating a variety of precious metals.
7. The ability to communicate well, work independently as well as part of a team is required.
8. Cuts, trims, shapes and smoothes jewelry stones and metal pieces, using abrasives, grinding
stone and power and hand tools.
9. Weighs, mixes and melts metal alloys or material and pours molten material into mold to
cast models of jewelry.
10. Forms, joins, or assembles metal pieces, articles, or wire, using soldering iron, gas torch,
and hand tools.
11. Marks and drills holes in jewelry mounting to center stones according to design
12. Aid in the jewelry design process.
13. Finish the jewelry and make it look its best.
14. Expected to work with precious metal alloys, in order to manipulate them into jewelry.
15. Will usually be given tasks to do by a master goldsmith or a sales associate. The tasks
should be done in a timely manner.
16. Prior to any work being done, an estimate of time may have to be given to the production
17. In charge of performing multiple tasks at one time, so it is essential to be able to multitask.
18. Aid in training the new staff.
19. Experience as a goldsmith is necessary, which must be obtained from apprenticeships or
previous employment. However, some places of employment will provide on the job
training for those who are less experienced. Some jobs may require that the goldsmith has
graduated from an accredited goldsmith school.
20. Make decorative and functional items.
21. Forge, polish, soder and cast metals into finished products.
22. Work with highest quality of materials such as gold, diamonds, and sapphires.

23. Shape metal to hold the gems when making individual pieces
24. Examine diamonds and other gems for imperfections
25. Create jewelry from gold, silver, and precious gemstones
26. Solder pieces together and insert stones
27. Repair jewelry by replacing broken clasps, altering ring sizes, or resetting stones
28. Smooth joints and rough spots and polish smoothed areas
29. Clean and polish jewelry using polishing wheels and chemical baths
30. Compute the costs of labor and material for new pieces and repairs
31. To be creative, artistic and have an eye for design
32. Good eyesight and vision for detail
33. To enjoy making things
34. Good hand-eye coordination
35. To be able to work carefully and accurately
36. Patience and perseverance
37. Quality Control ensuring only the highest standard of jewelry leaves the workshop
38. Mould making and cutting
39. Puk welding – specifically on items that are at risk if heated
40. Key member in the goldsmithing production process ensuring all work is carried out to the
highest standard and meets deadlines
41. Repairs to both customer items and stock pieces
42. Stone setting, in particular repairing/replacing cracked stones in general
43. Develop methods of manufacture to streamline the production process, for example creating
masters which are pre-sprue, saving man hours and cleaning up time.
44. Trusted with keys to the workshop and in the charge of locking up in the evening
45. Soldering/making up finished pieces
Tools & Technology: Bench jeweler / goldsmiths need to be able to use tools, often very fine
and specialized, for casting, bending and cutting. They may also need to use tools for grinding
and heating, finishing gold jewelry.
Working Condition: Goldsmith would normally work 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday in
air-conditioned rooms. Some goldsmiths work on Saturdays.

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