Position Purpose:
The Goldsmit completes various customer and stock jewelry repairs and custom designs and creations on-site.

Key Accountabilities

Complete professional jewelry repairs in-house.
•Work independently to perform jewelry repairs of customer goods and stock merchandise.
•Order parts, components, supplies as necessary.
•Employ modern professional methods to complete jewelry repairs.
•Professionally set diamonds and other gemstones.
•Showcase custom steps — drawing, design, wax, completion, etc.
•Meet with clients regularly for custom consultations
•Use MATRIX experience to create designs and hard copies for client benefit
•Perform quality control on your work.
•Ensure your jobs are completed entirely and correctly. Double-check that all requested and approved repairs are complete, the item is free from further defects, and the item is clean.
•Complete repairs on time.
•All repairs have due dates attached. Ensure that all repairs in your station are updated on a regular basis, as needed, and all jobs are completed on time.
Check and clean customer jewelry while they wait.
•Check items for damage that could inhibit our ability to properly clean
•Recommend service when damage is identified
•Clean items professionally

watch repair

Position Type
Job Requirements
Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Professional knowledge of the following:
•Precious Metals
•Precious and Semi-Precious Gems
•Gemstone setting
•Custom design / CAD / start to finish manufacturing
•Ordering parts and components
Skills and Abilities including the following:
•Complete knowledge of jewelry repair
•Modern jewelry repair and manufacturing equipment

Education and Experience

•Extensive bench jeweler experience. (5+ years preferred)
•Retail jewelry experience.

Job Description
Organizational Description:
JB Hudson Jewelers is the premier luxury jeweler of Minneapolis. JB Hudson aims to exceed our clients’ expectations while offering the finest luxury jewelry and watches at attainable values. We aspire to be our clients’ jeweler for life.



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