This jeweler must have experience and knowledge in basic/intermediate mainline product. Responsible for execution of designs as well as ensuring the functional and aesthetic objectives.

jewelry repair


•Ability to create intermediate pieces with supervision.
•Provide input on technical aspect of design during project reviews, participate in brainstorming sessions during design review meetings. Provide input on production techniques and initial labor estimates.
•Translate design concept into a physical piece within established project time frame
•Collaborate with CAD designer/technician, setter, and polisher on all technical aspects of creation of the finished piece.
•Work collaboratively with J4 and Master Jewelers on technical aspects of each project.
•Ability to work on silver and gold product cleaning and assembly


•Minimum 3-5 years of bench experience in high-end jewelry manufacturing shop.
•Knowledge of jewelry construction as well as precious metal properties.
•Ability to read and interpret design rendering/engineering documents
•Ability to construct handmade elements, mechanical components, clasps, connections
•Ability to communicate issues clearly in a team environment.
•Ability to work overtime as business need arises.
•Must have good communication skills.
•Must be highly motivated



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