Are you ready to have a change of scenery from your bench? Have you been working as an inline jeweler? Are you frustrated with not getting to do anything truly creative on the bench? Are you tired of performing the same task over and over when this isn’t why you became a jeweler in the first place? Have you thought, why don’t they listen to my ideas about a cool design that might sell in the store? Are you able to perform these tasks, chain and clasp repair? Re-tip prongs? Set stones? Perform minor ring repair and other basic jewelry repairs?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you might just have found the genie in the lamp. All of us are tired of the COVID blues. So now is the time to make that change you’ve been thinking to do. Come work for a company that appreciates you, values the labor involved in creating shiny masterpieces and is ready to have someone added to its growing market share.

We are looking for a special and fresh face, could that be you?

If you think so and you feel you are a good fit then reach out.

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $12.25 – $24.50 per hour

watch repair


•Monday to Friday

Full Time Opportunity:


Work Location:

•One location

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Benefit Conditions:

•Waiting period may apply

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