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Posted by Esslinger Staff

About the Job
Bench Jeweler



AsurionJewelry Service Solutions



Smyrna, Tennessee

Primary Purpose:

Toservice and repair clients jewelry repairs providing excellent quality andcustomer service.


* Performall repairs to bring damaged jewelry up to the standards required

* Ensurethat all parts required to repair jewelry are the appropriate materials

* Documentthe labor and other charges related to completing the repair.

* Performa quality inspection on all completed repairs to ensure the highest customer servicestandards are met.

* Bewilling to aid to the training of others.

* Maintainall bench tools and equipment.

* Maintaina clean and safe bench area for repairs to be completed.

* Ensureall precious metals, stones and findings are controlled to reduce expenses andincrease profit.

* Removeall scrap gold and other metals from benches nightly for recovery.

* Anyand all other duties that may be given by management.



Knowledge/Skill Requirements:

* Minimumof two years experience in jewelry repairs.

* Demonstratedproficiency and skill in the areas of sizing, chain repair, prong and stone settingrepairs, all types of tone setting, and polishing or other finishing techniques.

* Mustbe able to complete app. 22-30 repairs on average per day dependent upon levelof difficulty.

* Mustbe able to read and understand instructions to complete repairs.

* Mustbe willing to train and share knowledge and experience.

* Mustbe organized and able to communicate with others.

* HighSchool diploma or equivalent.


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