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Posted by Mark Esslinger


In this role you will be responsible for repairing and servicing quartz, mechanical and self-winding watches and chronographs on a high level of quality and process efficiency.


  • Trouble shoot and correct movements and defect/worn parts as needed to ensure that company standards are met
  • Work closely with Technical Manager, Coordination, Supervisors/Group-Leaders and other team members to ensure his/her work quality and timely completion of the work assigned
  • Responsible for any correction and adjustments necessary to deliver a defect-free end product to movement inspection and quality control insuring company standards and tolerances are met
  • Demonstrate professional expertise as appropriate to essential functions of his/her position
  • Demonstrate commitment to the highest quality of work and embody excellence
  • Participate in training opportunities



Key Qualifications:

  • Adequate technical knowledge and skills in watchmaking
    Minimum 1 year relevant professional experience and/or equivalent education from appropriately accredited watchmaking school
  • Must be well versed in pertinent repair techniques including escapement diagnosis, adjustment and repair, hairspring adjustment, precision timing, etc
  • Strong organizational skills and methodical in completion of tasks
  • Must be precise and detail oriented


Company Overview:

Our client is a high-end, luxury men’s and women’s timepiece collection with a rich history and modern appeal. Their pieces range from delicate elegance to bold statements with a classic feel. With the highest standards in quality and construction, they have remained at the top of the industry. Their company culture is warm with a fast-paced energy that is infectious and inviting.


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