The watch repair marketplace continues to present prolific opportunities to serve, repair, and reunite watch wearers with their beloved timepieces once again ready to time tell. This client has neatly configured its service proposition to be accessible nationwide and offers a repair solution almost without any brand frontiers, such is their growing in-house expertise.

Job role:
The moment has arrived to appoint a couple of additional bench-based Watchmaker/Watch Technicians, able to efficiently service a staggeringly wide array of received timepieces needing instant service resolution.

You need to be able to prioritize your bench time to be ever productive, appreciative that with each day that passes a bereft consumer is ever anxious for their watches earliest return!

Support is on hand through colleagues and company associates but this doesn’t replace the need to be inwardly self-motivated – keen to push your own productivity. Team wise the company is ever looking at bright marketing ingenuity to attract & engage their expanding clientele reach. Where you feel opportune, you’d be welcome to voice your thoughts how a faster turnaround might be achieved.

Alongside your own watch servicing talents, in the future, being involved with this fast-growing entity should give rise to much inner self professional pride as an appointment consequence.

watch repair


To join their team, you need to have received previous training in watchmaking and be used to enjoying a variety of bench challenges every day.

Should it be felt to be beneficial for you to undertake more formal accreditation which could propel you further forward career wise there would be financial support forthcoming from the company (employer conditions would apply).



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