Company introduction
OMEGA is a prestigious watch brand known worldwide for its demands for quality, precision and innovation for more than 170 years. Our watches are among the most beautiful in the world and are characterized by their advanced technology and timeless style.

Over the course of our long history, we have broken precision records, redefined sports timekeeping and maintained our position at the forefront of Fine Watchmaking.

As an international brand, we are always interested in meeting future colleagues and apprentices who wish to contribute to the work of our teams on almost every continent using their talents, ambitions and inspirations.

watch repair

Job Description
•Assembly of mechanical or electronic watch components
•Setting up dials and placing needles
•Interlocking movements and fitting bracelets
•Extremely precise adjustment operations at all stages of the production chain
•Decoupage of cased watches

•Compulsory education completed
•Excellent dexterity
•Good visual acuity
•Great ability to concentrate
•Sense of precision and thoroughness
•Methodical spirit and ability to persevere

Required Skills
•See “profile”

Fluent French and / or German

Contact person
Corentine Allisson



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