We are looking for a watch technician to join our team. This position will require prior knowledge of watch repair, time movement, and buffing operations.
The candidate must have experience in:
• Disassembling and reassembling quartz movements and watches and identifying repair problems.
• Repairing basic watches & movements
• Working with small parts on a daily basis

watch repair

Personal Attributes:
• Positive and energetic
• Attention to detail
• Patient
• Willing to learn
Methodical Requirements:
• Proficiency in English, Spanish, or Italian a plus
• Excellent oral communications skills
• Exceptional attention to detail
• Able to notice tiny defects (scratches, spots, rust, lint, hair, tarnished metal, dents, deformations, marks on pieces the size of a quarter or smaller)
• Experience with quartz watches
• It would be a plus of candidates also have experience and knowledge of mechanical watches
• Min. of 3 years of related experience
• Experience in the watch industry or inspecting small components and/or parts
Accommodations Statement:
We are an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer.
Job Types:
• Full time, Part time



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