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Serve as a primary resource for after sales servicing and complex repairs and reconditioning of Cartier watches. Provide technical diagnosis, dismantling, repair, testing and finishing of the Cartier watch products sent for after-sales servicing. Ensure meticulous care and precision in the repair and maintenance of advanced complications, including chronographs, tourbillions, tourbillions with chronographs, perpetual calendars, high jewelry and skeletons for our watches. Apply knowledge of mechanical, quartz, automatic, chronograph and high complications to analyze and determine the source of watch malfunction, diagnosis, polishing, dismantle watch movement components, including wheels, balance staffs, operating levers, bridges, pinions, and components for the tourbillion cages. Clean, repair, and reassemble all movement components and perform the final adjustment of replaced parts. Test each watch piece, as repaired, to ensure that the watch operates according to brand standards.

watch repair


5 years of experience in position offered or related, including 5 years of experience with: a ll steps of watch repair, including dismantling, polishing, case preparing, dismantling/cleaning/repairing movement components, regulating free sprung balances, dial/hand setting, regulating and adjusting the movement, encasing, water/air resistance testing, and final quality control; assembly of mechanical manual and automatic winding and movements, including working on complications (calendar, moon phase, power reserve) and chronographs; Diagnosing watch problems by analyzing all checkpoints, identifying abnormalities, and implementing appropriate path of action to rehabilitate the movement within the brand specifications and giving an accurate cost estimate; Working in a boutique, including experience contacting customers, and listening and analyzing the indications given by the customer to implement an action for the watch, and providing complete service; Using SAP software for watch history, repairs, cost estimates, and warranties. Qualified applicant must possess Watchmaking Certificate.


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