This Independently owned Jeweller operates a number of store(s) and is looking to build into their business their own in-house Watch Repair facility. Our client frequently acquires Prestigious Watches that require refurbishment ensuring that this future stock is technically immaculate and ready for future sale. Additionally it is felt that they could ever more efficiently deal with client repair requests received by the group store(s) as well as offering their retail estate an easier on-hand resource should an item of stock require maintenance or further QC review.

So, it is a new role that our instructing client feels can add value to many dimensions of their existing business and before long deliver back after initial high investment much future trading advantage.

watch repair

Job Role:
The remit initially will be to guide our client as to how best to proceed – fit-out and equip the required workspace in order that this purpose-built space can begin to offer the technical support the company envisages. You will liaise with parts suppliers and begin to build resources that will enable you to start and grow this new departments effectiveness to deliver back value at the earliest time frame. To begin with, it is envisaged to be quite an all-encompassing role however once the workflow finds its future level, there is an expectation of additional support to be forthcoming be it an administrator & possibly future colleague bench technicians.


•The client will require a well-qualified watchmaker ideally BHI / WOSTEP accredited.

•Should you possess extra certification working on specific brands this would continue to heighten our client’s selection motivation.

•Individually you much enjoy ‘being on the bench‘ are systematic in everything that you undertake and the difference of this remit versus other currently available trade roles is that this would enable a Watchmaker to create and bring to bear their technical capabilities in a manner that meets head on your very best personal operating standards, which may culminate long term in heading a department of your very own.

To apply please feel welcome to forward your personal CV direct to Jolyon Marshall in order that we can share your expertise with an as keen to select industry recognised client.




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