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Our strength does not lie in our similarities but in the exceptional diversity of our cultures and our employees. We take advantage of the advantage of being a global company with international teams. The IWC house recruits and trusts the best experts: capable of making relevant decisions, who dare to stage their ideas, driven by their projects. No matter where you come from, what you believe in, how old you are, who you love or if you have a disability: We move forward together!

Main missions of the function

The watchmaker position at our IWC Boutique in Geneva is a subtle mix between a technical role and a commercial role:

Perform diagnostics and repairs on watches arriving at the store
Provide a representative and technical support role for the sale

Definition of responsibilities – Watchmaker Boutique IWC Genève

watch repair

Diagnosis and repairs:

•Perform diagnostics and rapid services on all watches that arrive in the store within 1 day.
•Perform the services requested / validated by the customer (waterproofing, change of component, complete, etc.) according to the authorization levels received.
•Maintenance of stock watches according to the authorization levels received.
•Respect the work flow as well as the deadlines for all repairs.


•Perform the quality control of all watches received after the intervention of the Schaffhausen manufacture
•Guarantee the quality of the work carried out

Maintenance of resources and equipment:

•Carry out the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment made available by the company or the brand.
•Propose the new investments necessary for the smooth running of the activity
•Guarantee the cleanliness of its working environment
•Manage the creation, update and replenishment of kitboxes
•Manage component returns by following the recycling procedure

Sales support

•Perform interventions at the time of sale (adjustment / change of bracelet, battery …)
•Offer technical support to the store staff (to help a sale, answer a technical question, active presence during in-store events, etc.)


•Regularly exchange information and technical issues with the IWC technical manager.
•Encourage constructive remarks and feedback

Technical skills :

•Watchmaker CFC with 3 to 5 years of experience or equivalent training and experience.
•Ability to replace movements and fit the dial and hands. Ability to repair basic movements and with simple complications.
•Language skills: French (essential), English (professional)
•IT skills: Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote), SAP

Personal skills :

•Be solutions oriented
•Have good interpersonal skills
•Demonstrate flexibility and availability
•Accept constructive criticism and give feedback



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