IWC Watchmakers

(Fort Worth, TX)

Diagnose and repair watches, including repairing and encasing the movement. Dismantle the case components of watches, in preparation for polishing, and to prepare/assemble the case components of the watches, prior to encase the movement. Describe condition of the piece to be evaluated.

Identify root cause of problems in accordance with client requests. Select the adequate service in accordance with the Brands policy while meeting client request and proposing a solution to solve the issue. Identify the spare parts needed to repair the evaluated piece.

Dismantle the timepieces and insert all parts dismantled into the repair box. Remove the strap or the bracelet. Separate movement/dial/hands from the case components.

Dismantle the watches case components. Install and assemble the watches case components in preparation of the encasing of the movement. Check and ensure waterproofness of the case.

watch repair

Analyze and make decisions to define proper methodology to repair the movement. Sample of movements to be repaired: 7750 ETA; P2002; 500P; LJP8602; 89365 IWC; 849 JLC. Use or develop adequate tools or processes to correct issues that can arise during the repair process.

Resolve issues related to limited (or no) access to spare parts by fixing existing components of the piece. Install the dial and the hands prior to encase the movement and close the watch. Perform a first Quality Control to ensure that the piece is in working order.

Transfer the completed piece to the Quality Control Department. Follow RNA and Brands’ specifications with regard to tools, technical procedure, work assignments, standards of Quality & Standard Time of Operations (STOs). Maintain tools and equipment, including ensuring that all equipment used is calibrated and maintained at a high standard.

Reqts: 5 years of experience in position offered or related, including 5 years of experience with: chronograph advanced movements beyond the scope of ETA product, including Rattrapante Split Seconds & Flyback Chronographs (79230, 76240, 89xxx), and 7 Day Power Reserve (5xxx, 5xxxx); regulating free sprung balances; identifying abnormalities in the repair of timepieces and implementing appropriate actions to rectify abnormalities; assembly of the basic movements chronographs of the 790-line and of double chronographs including dial and hands; and all stages of development of watch movements, including pre-assembly of watch components and assembly of components in series. Qualified applicant must possess a certificate in Watchmaking.

Send resume to Richemont North America, Inc. at and reference position title in subject line.



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