The Watch Technician is responsible for providing in-store watch maintenance/service and performing quality control checks on watches. The Watch Technician is also responsible for supporting Sales Professionals in the sale of a watch, ultimately enhancing the client experience. Additionally, the Watch Technician must be willing to train other Watch Technicians on watch maintenance and processes, when necessary.

watch repair


• Supporting Sales Professionals in the sale of a watch
• In partnership with the Sales Professionals, the Watch Technician is to “make ready” the watch for the new sale:
• Using the sizing strap provided by the Sales Professional, adjusts the watch to ensure an optimal fit for the client.
• Ensure the watch is clean to support an outstanding client experience.
• As required, set the watch to the appropriate time and date.
• In situations of trade-in, open watch to verify serial numbers for purposes of authentication.

In-Store Watch Maintenance

The Watch Technician is responsible for providing in-store watch maintenance in a timely manner to satisfy the needs of the client. This includes:

• Battery Installation – selecting the correct size and voltage of battery for watch. Ensuring battery straps are secure and cleaning of the terminal.
• Cleaning cases and bracelets using the ultrasonic cleaner and where applicable the steam machine.
• Replacing pins and screws.
• Water Resistance Testing – test watches to ensure they are water resistant using the pressure test machine and advises if the watch passed or failed. Provides a copy of the printed results for the customer.
• Testing for rate deviation on mechanical watches using the timing machine.
• Using quartz analyzer to test voltage, rate and coil resistance.
• Conducting quality control on out-of-store repaired watches including appearance, proper hand alignment, water resistance documentation and final wipe down and wrap.
• Conducting quality control on same-day serviced watches including wipe and wrap. Advise Service/Sales Professionals if the watch requires additional servicing.
• Maintaining equipment and tools in good working order.

Support process for out-of-store watch repair

The Watch Technician is responsible for providing a final quality control check to ensure the watch has been repaired according to Tourneau standards. This includes reviewing:

• Appearance, hand alignment, proper tension of setting and winding, calendar flip, oscillating weight, proper screw down of crown/tube, no exposed gaskets, final timing, water resistance documentation, checking clasp functions, spring bars and loose pins/screws, setting and winding positions.
• Final wipe down and wrap.


The Watch Technician is responsible for maintaining the appropriate inventory of batteries and parts and for ensuring:

• The work area, bench, tools and equipment are to be neat and clean at all times.
• Watches under the control of the watch technician are secure.


• A demonstrated ability to learn on-the job.
• Must be willing to train other Watch Technicians, when necessary
• Willing to be hands-on and work with the team to get the job done.
• Must be able to work a flexible schedule throughout the week.
• A passion for watches.


• At least 2 years of work experience.
• Prior client services experience is desirable.
• Detail orientated with a mechanical aptitude.
• A basic understanding of watches is preferred.

Job Type: Full-time





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