Continually innovating within its luxury field, this much envied client continues to flourish. Of late there has been considerable brand investment which will further emphasise their watchmaking uniqueness, which is already resulting in heightened piece sales. Consequently, their businesses quality control & after sales team will be likewise further positively challenged…so it is felt timely to invest now in a new bench technician.

Job Role:
Excitingly there is flexibility as to the level of capability that could be now harnessed such are the varied departmental service & QC challenges. As a manufacturer and customer service centre, the bench tasks set take interestingly many forms – possibly a main attraction for those wishing to test their skills ever further. Under the watchful guide of a Master Technician there is an industrious ever occupied feel to this key company department where team members are keen to share collective best practice.

watch repair

Team fit is important – their Head of Department is very conscious of the professional environment that must be daily operated within, but is also encouraging of individuals persona to be allowed to be recognised and be respected company wide.


•You would need to have previously operated within a watchmaker’s career setting and be familiar with most areas of watch service diagnostics.

•On this recruitment occasion a broad view can be taken regarding level of Watchmaking skill to be employed. Those experienced watchmakers are absolutely valued – as would be the hands of a less experienced careerist just keen to pick up speed on travelling the watchmakers ever stepped career journey.

All in all, very exciting times ahead – the first stage would be for you to forward your CV direct to JML followed by, if successful, an invite to participate in a future Bench Test & Personal Interview directly with our client. Don’t let time be lost and send your CV across today!



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