Ideal Candidate Will Have Experience In

•The use of traditional lathes and application of various techniques for turning metal and making precision components (example: mechanical parts of watches).
•Ability to perform complex mechanical machining.
•Experience with jewelry or watch case polishing.
•Experience with jewelry crafting, soldering and plating.
•Experience with the use of the most common precision measuring instruments.
•Strong sense for aesthetics, attention to detail and natural, good dexterity.
•Knowledgeable with luxury watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Brietling, Omega and Rolex

watch repair

Ideal Qualities

•Precision and punctuality,
•Strong orientation to quality,
•Excellent organizational skills,
•Flexibility in adjusting to new working challenges.
•A degree or Diploma of study relevant to subject is appreciated.

Watchmaking and watch repair require a clean working environment, mainly because even very small particles of dust and dirt can befoul a watch movement. Customers that appreciate mechanical watches are frequently attached to their timepieces, so watchmakers must have good communication and customer service skills. Watchmakers are also expected to keep detailed records of their work and have an ability to correctly estimate repair costs. Additionally, watchmakers must be able to refinish cases and repair or replace glass watch face coverings.

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