WATCHMAKER – Luxury Watch Brand – $46-60K

Luxury Watch Brand is seeking a Watchmaker who has a deep understanding of the craft. You will create and repair our classic watches to a standard that represents the height of luxury.

watch repair

A day in the life:

Performing escapement adjustments and timing operations on finished watches

Disassembling, assembling, lubricating, and adjusting all components as needed

Servicing a range of calibers to ensure proper functioning

Inspecting completed watch movements, including automatic device modules and training wheels

Troubleshooting and correcting movements and defective/worn parts

Completing comprehensive testing for specialized attributes

What we’re looking for:

Degree from a properly accredited professional watchmaking school

1+ years of relevant professional experience, including watchmaking repair

Knowledge of relevant watch lines

Rich love for horology and a willingness to learn more

Keen attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills

If this sounds like a good fit, please submit your resume for consideration.



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