Job Description

Our Luxury Watch Brand client is seeking a Watchmaker, Level 1. This is a great opportunity for a junior candidate looking to take the next step in their career. Candidates must pass a bench test during interview process.

Job Description:


•Follows directions to complete assignments as required.


•Raises questions and concerns directly to Supervisor/Manager immediately.


•Demonstrates integrity and honesty.


•Demonstrates commitment to achieving the highest quality of work at all times. Demonstrates an attention to detail.

•Meets productivity requirements.

watch repair


•Admits mistakes and asks for support when required. Practices collaboration and teamwork.


•Participates in training opportunities.

•Complies with Company’s time and attendance policies and procedures.


•Ensures that department’s productivity and quality rate goals are consistently met and maintained.

•Ensures that spare parts usage rate is consistent with department goals.

•Ensures that SOP’s and safety protocols are followed.

•Ensures proper conditions of tools and equipment.

•Ensures that all paperwork for jobs and trays, including movements and case numbers.

•Ensures that jobs and trays are properly processed through central coordination station OR through WMI at personal work station.

Additional Responsibilities:

•Adjusting movements to ensure Company timing standards are met

•Disassembling, assembling, and lubricating components as needed

•Performing escapement adjustments

•Performing timing operations

•Adjusting hairsprings to be flat and centered

•Properly verifying and adjusting end shakes

•Using timing equipment to accurately adjust movements’ timing

•Verifying and analyzing amplitude issues

•Troubleshooting and correcting movements and defective/worn parts

•Adjusting calendar and day-date functions

•Servicing 1240 calibers

•Servicing 2100 calibers

•Servicing 2200 calibers

•Servicing 3000 calibers

•Servicing 3100 calibers

•Servicing 5035 calibers

•Servicing 6620 calibers

•Servicing 6220 calibers

•Servicing ETA calibers

•Servicing brand calibers

•Performing non-invasive inspection of completed watch movements – including automatic device modules and train wheels

•Managing personal parts inventories as required

•Recording notes in system appropriately

•Refinishing cases

•Refinishing bracelets

•Completing cleaning and assembly of cases

•Conducting waterproof testing

•Completing cleaning, resizing, and balancing of bracelets

•Visually inspecting serviced watches to assess condition and cleanliness of dials, hands, crystals, cases, and bracelets

•Confirming proper working order of all functions of the movement, case and bracelet

•Performing cosmetic touch-ups

•Inspecting cases and bracelets to ensure required refinishing quality

•Performing self-winding tests on simulator

•Estimating watches for repair, service, and credits

•Engraving watches for special orders

•Visually inspecting aesthetics of all engravings

•Attaching bracelets and straps to watch case

•Servicing 4130 calibers

**Candidates may perform some but not all of the above

Knowledge Requirements:

•Organizational skills

•Watchmaking repair (escapement diagnosis, adjustment and repair, hairspring adjustment, precision timing, etc.)

•Hand-eye coordination

•Alpha-numeric recognition

•Attention to Details

Minimum Requirements:

•Degree from properly accredited professional watchmaking school

•1+ year related professional experience

•High School Diploma

Physical Requirements:

•The normal work schedule is 40 hours per week. Candidates must be able to work a normal 40 hour work week.

You can use to collect and manage your references for free and share them with us or anyone else you choose. Candidates with references are always preferred by our clients. Now is the most important time to stand out from the crowd. We suggest that you ensure you have updated your LinkedIn profile and that you start collecting your references early.



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