Watch Coordinator and Tech Specialist

Job Description

The Watch Coordinator and Tech Specialist will perform and administrate the work flow of all incoming and outgoing watches (client, stock, repairs and trade-ins) and reports to the Customer Service Manager. This hands-on position requires positive, open, direct communication with the watchmaker, clients, associates, managers, vendors and owners. Strong organizational skills, accuracy. attention to detail in a fast-paced multi-tasking environment is required. This role will facilitate shipping for all needed watch repairs. The ability to work a flexible retail schedule is a must.

Job Duties

1 Maintain a clean and organized work area.
2 Execute and perform the customer service process and tracking from point of take-in until client notification in Podium for pick-up. This will include:
•Customer Service transactions.
•Changing batteries.
•Sizing and adjusting bands and straps.
•In-house watch repairs, movement, crystal, crown and stem.
•Vendor watch repairs.
•Stock watch repairs.
•Watch estimates.
•Watch trade-ins.

watch repair

3 Assure that watch repairs are done in a correct and timely fashion while meeting Albert’s standard of quality.
4 Daily print and make effective use of reports to maintain timelines on all watch repairs and parts orders that pass through the watch department.
5 Final quality control and accountability for all watch repairs.
6 Follow current pricing for repair and service and routinely update.
7 Expert level and understanding of watch repairs, pricing and procedures.
8 Carefully check the repair jobs prior to distributing to Watch Tech, Watchmaker or Vendor.

•Order parts as needed and maintain a small backstock on high velocity items and supplies.

1. Positive communicator.

•High degree of interpersonal and professional interaction with associates, clients, and vendors.
•Maintain and nurture the strong link between Customer Service and the watch department.

•Communicate and give positive feedback to Customer Service Associates regarding pricing and opportunities for improvement.
•Communicate with the clients and vendors regarding job status, sending jobs to the vendors, obtaining estimated cost and time required for the repair work along with giving/obtaining approvals.
•Check emails twice daily, for associates, clients, vendors and reply.

1 Give the Go Ahead for the vendor to proceed with the repair work by calling or emailing and noting the details/confirmation in the system along with promise date.
2 Record all updates in the POS system.
3 Facilitate timely shipping/receiving of all repairs (stock and client) to and from vendors.

•Assure shipping accuracy and insurance coverage for all outgoing jobs.

•Send repairs to vendors, getting and completing Return Authorization, filling RA forms, shipping forms and insurance value.
•Receive repair jobs from vendors and input incoming jobs.

•Process the invoices, make copies, and give to the accounts payable weekly.
•Verify that the invoice pricing is correct with the prior estimate. If incorrect, then contact the vendor to correct. Provide the invoice to Accounts Payable.
•Assign the cost of invoice to client name, job number and salesperson.

1 Monitoring, maintaining and protecting inventory.

•Maintain and monitor an organized work area and an organized methodology for processing repairs in and out.
•Do an inventory of the basics every month.
•Periodically check all parts inventory to assure that the basics and fast sellers are always in stock.
•Inventory planning for peak times and special events and order for Diamond event, special event and holidays requirements.
•Assure that all repairs and stock jobs are secure.
•Process the repairs for all locations and assure that they mirror Store One.

The duties and responsibilities described are not a comprehensive list. Additional tasks may be assigned to the employee from time to time; or. the scope of the job may change as necessitated by business demand.



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