The watch repair technician is responsible for watch repairs and customer service.

watch repair


•Assist disassembling and reassembling quartz movements and watches and identify repair problems
•Repair basic watches & movements under the close supervision of the Watchmaker
•Learn repair and quality control best practices and implement them as directed
•Assist generating report defects in movement parts and watch components
•Operate polishing machines following the recommended safety precautions
•Clearly express technical issues if/when they arise
•Coordinate higher level maintenance in a timely manner


•Watch Repair School completed
•Have the ability to see details at close range.
•Candidates must have experience with quartz watches. It would be considered a plus if those candidates also have experience and knowledge of mechanical watches.
•Excellent oral and written communication skills
•Familiar with AQL and quality assurance preferred
•Exceptional attention to detail. Able to notice tiny defects: scratches, spots, rust, lint, hair, tarnished metal, dents, deformations, marks on pieces the size of a quarter or smaller.
•Previous experience with changing batteries, putting on straps, resizing and polishing watches.
•Inspecting small components and/or parts is highly desired.





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