The Schiffman Group/Family of stores is hiring immediately for a CW21 certified technician for our new Plaque Rolex shop in shop in beautiful Greensboro, North Carolina. We are currently expanding and renovating our $12 million store in Greensboro and adding a new Rolex Plaque facility in the heart of North Carolina.

Position will serve our Greensboro locations with expert watch repair and also service timepieces from any of our other ten stores as demand requires. Position will also meet with clients as requested to offer technical expertise and must interface with clients in a professional manner. Full time polisher at Watchmakers disposal to ramp up production.

watch repair


Preferred: Minimum 2-5 years experience servicing Rolex Timepieces.

Required: CW21 Certification. Ability to meet with a customer in a retail environment when needed to explain, help with problem timepiece repair. Ability to be a positive influence on overall team morale.




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