Watch Enthusiast, Collectors, and Watchmakers will all appreciate this selection of thoughtful gifts.
Is your watch bracelet too small? Bracelet Extenders allow your watch band to fit again.
Learn How To Open a Watch Back with a Jaxa Wrench.
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Marcasite Assortment For Jewelry and Watch Repair
Excellent for adding holes to flat leather straps, textiles, and plastic. 

Spring loaded handle cleanly punches out 6 different hole sizes.

2015 Complete Price Guide To Watches on Sale
Great to have on hand for a variety of band to case repairs.
Versatile set includes a tube, pin, friction head, and threaded head; giving you flexibility to use the parts as needed.
Ring Size Stretcher and Reducer Tool
Ideal for retrofitting and the replacement of damaged movement case rings.
100 piece assortment includes a large variety of shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.
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Quartz Clock Parts Diagram
Whether you want to make or fix a clock, this helpful diagram will show you the basic parts of a quartz clock movement. .
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Swatch Watch Band Replacement

Your average watch band won’t have the signature style ends of a Swatch watch strap, making it hard to find an affordable replacement. Shop our large selection of generic Swatch straps at a fraction of the price of the genuine alternatives.
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