Emma Elizabeth Boulton is a London watchmaker and after sales trainer at Tudor and she walks us through her life of being a watchmaker. She is in charge of training watchmakers and technicians to work on all aspects of Tudor watches. Ms Boulton actually started her career as a receptionist at Tudor and became fascinated by the watches and how it all comes together from hundreds of tiny pieces and the technical skill needed to service them. She worked her way through technician roles before going to the British School of Watchmaking and has been training others for three years now. She says she enjoys her days because they vary; she can be working with someone who has many more years experience than herself to teaching watchmaking theory to new team members. Her days are long, at times not finishing until well after 6 pm, preparing for the next day. When Tudor releases a new movement, she gets to jet off to Geneva to get more training to master the new calibre. If she wasn’t a watchmaker, she says she would love to be an antiques dealer selling vintage watches.


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