A post from trendingtopmost.com caught our attention which lists out the world’s top 10 best-selling watch brands. Now, the little nuggets of information that went along with the list were the most interesting. Like, Hamilton created a limited edition watch for the movie Interstellar which served as a plot point. Omega can claim the prestigious honor of being the first watch on the moon.


The word ‘seiko’ means ‘exquisie’ or ‘success’. Its annual revenue is over $1.9 billion – no wonder the company is amongst few best-selling watch brands. Seiko has lived up to its name. IWC Schaffhausen keeps detailed records of each watch that leaves its factory and customers can get information for theirs if it is older than 10 years – for a fee. Queen Victoria had a key-wound watch created in a pendant style in 1851 by Patek Philippe. The owner of the company Rolex is Hans Wilsdorf Foundation and it is registered as a charity.


Of course, there are more such informational nuggets you can read from in the original post; the link can be found below.


1. Rolex
2. Patek Philippe
3. IWC Schaffhausen
4. Citizen
5. Tag Heuer
6. Seiko
7. Omega
8. Mont Blanc
9. Hamilton
10. Bulova


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